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About Pasighat

Pasighat is a town and the headquarters of the East Siang district in Arunachal Pradesh. Pasighat is the oldest town of Arunachal Pradesh. It is often called as the ‘gateway of the state of Arunachal Pradesh’.


History of Pasighat

Pasighat was founded in 1941 A.D by the Britishers as a gateway to the administrative convenience of the greater Abor Hills and the northern area. Pasighat was primarily a settlement of the Parsi and the Minyong communities and the year 2011 marked 100 years of its existence which was celebrated.

Pasighat is credited with building up of some of the noted organizations and institutions in the town. The first airfield was established in 1946 in Pasighat. The first agricultural institute in Arunachal Pradesh was also established in Pasighat. Other than that the first ever college in Arunachal Pradesh, viz. the Jawaharlal Nehru College and the first ever radio station was established in Pasighat.

Geography of Pasighat

Pasighat town is located at an average elevation of 155 meters above sea level. The town covers a total area of 14.60 sq kms. Pasighat experiences a tropical humid climate during the summers and dry mild winters. The place is known for receiving the highest rainfall in a single year. During monsoons, heavy rainfall occurs in Pasighat and in winters the area experiences cold dry seasonal wind. The mighty Brahmaputra flows across Pasighat to enter the Assam plains.

Demography of Pasighat

According to the 2001 census, Pasighat has a population of 21,972. the average literacy rate is 64%. The town of Pasighat is inhabited mostly by the Adi people.

Economy of Pasighat

Agriculture is the main occupation of the people of Pasighat. Lumbering was also another prominent industry until it was closed down. Horticulture and tourism are other sources of economy here.

Services and Utilities in Pasighat

Pasighat is a small town in Arunachal Pradesh which is located in the East Siang district and is still undergoing a lot of developments. Provided with different types of services from the government as well as private organizations, Pasighat runs peacefully and efficiently with a proper administration. The services in the town include emergency services, utility services, health services and entertainment services as well.

To contact the police station in Pasighat, one can call at 2222335, 100.

The electricity services in Pasighat are provided by the Department of Power Arunachal Pradesh, headquartered in Itanagar and supervises the electrical services throughout the state. The postal services are headed by the Indian Postal Services and there are a few banks in Pasighat providing banking facilities:

Vijaya Bank
Pasighat Bazar
Baskota Road,Nh-52
Arunachal Pradesh
IFSC Code: VIJB0008805
Branch Code: 008805

Yes Bank Ltd
Po Pasighat
East Siang - 791102
Arunachal Pradesh
Contact: 2222307
Branch Code: ARCB06
MICR Code: 791824102

Central Bank Of India
Pasighat Branch
Near LIC Of India
1st Floor, Pasighat Post
East Siang District
Arunachal Pradesh - 791102
Contact: 022-22612008
IFSC Code: CBIN0284538
Branch Code: 284538

State Bank Of India
Dist East Siang
Arunachal Pradesh - 791102
Contact : 0368-2224573
IFSC Code : SBIN0001395
MICR Code : 787002512
Branch Code : 001395

Healthcare Services in Pasighat

Every town requires the basic necessity of hospitals. Without proper healthcare a town can never survive as these services are inevitable. Like any other state, Pasighat also has good number of hospitals. Though not large in number yet it is quite considerable. Some of the hospitals in Pasighat are:

General Hospital
Arunachal Pradesh - 791102
Phone No.: 222206
Medical Superintendent: 222249

IMS Dynastic Centre and Hospital
NH 52, Medog
Arunachal Pradesh - 791102
Phone No.: 090230 51592

TB Hospital
NH 52, Pasighat,
Arunachal Pradesh - 791102
Phone No.: 222706

Tourism in Pasighat

Pasighat is well known for the adventure sports activities and tourist places like Malinithan and Daying Ering Sanctuary. Pangin is a place of confluence of two rivers Siom and Siang. It is located about 60 kms from Pasighat.


This is a temple currently in ruins. The historic temple is situated in the foot of the Siang hills under the Likabali sub division of West Siang district. It is located at 1 km east of Likabali. One can see the relics of stone images belonging to the early twenties of the present century.

Excavations from the year 1968 till 1971 have unearthed temples and valuable scriptures. The place draws in many visitors and pilgrims every year. The site unearthed has a beautifully designed basement of a temple, images of deities, animal motifs and carved columns and panels. The rich granite sculptures belong to the 14th to 15th century. The significant among them include the sculpture of Lord Indra on Airavat, Surya on chariot and the huge Nandi bull. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga.

According to a local legend, Lord Krishna carried away Rukmini, the daughter of king Bhismaka, on the eve of her marriage with Shishvpal. Lord Krishna and Rukmini were then welcomed here by Goddess Parvati with garlands. The stringing of the garland was so unique that Lord Krishna called Goddess Parvati as ‘Sucharu Malini’ or a lady who strings garlands beautifully. Goddess Parvati thus acquired the name Malini and the place came to be known as Malinithan.

D’Ering Wildlife Sanctuary

The D’Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary is located near Pasighat, the headquarters of the East Siang district. The wildlife sanctuary covers and area of 190 sq kms. The erstwhile Lali reserved forests was declared as Lali Wildlife Sanctuary. The same was renamed as D’Ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary after Dr. Daying Ering, a politician and social reformer of Arunachal Pradesh. It was established in 1976 and renamed D’Ering in 1986. The sanctuary lies sandwiched between the Siang and Sibya rivers in the East Siang district.

Terrain of D’Ering Wildlife Sanctuary

The physiography of the area is riverine plains and floristic composition is mainly of thatch and grasses. There are river plains of both the Siang and Sibya in the sanctuary.

Climate of D’Ering Wildlife Sanctuary

The D’Ering Wildlife Sanctuary has a tropical climate and receives rain from the south-west and north-east monsoons. The sanctuary receives rainfall of over 2000 mm of annual rainfall during the south-west monsoon months from July to September. The temperatures vary from a minimum of 7°C in the winters to 35°C during the summer season.

Flora in D’Ering Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary has much floodplains grassland with grass species like Saccharum spontaneum, Sarundinaceum and Neyraudia reynaudina and sedges like cyperus available here. Apart from that, there are trees like bombak ceiba, Albizia spp, Dillenia indica, Termenelia myriocarpa, Timbristysic, Thysumallana maxima, Arondonex and Upetorium.

Fauna in D’Ering Wildlife Sanctuary

There are some mammal species reportedly found like elephants, tigers, wild pigs, hog deer and hispid hare. There are around 150 bird species reported here including endangered birds like Bengal florican, White-winged wood duck, Swamp Francolin, Jerdon’s Babbler, Raptors and Black-breasted parrot bill. Other water birds and migratory ducks and Indian Skimmer are also found here.

How to Reach D’Ering Wildlife Sanctuary

By Road:
D’Ering is situated around 16 kms southeast of Pasighat town. As such, one can travel easily from Pasighat in the private vehicles. There are also bus facilities from Guwahati and Itanagar to Pasighat. An inner line permit is required to enter East Siang.

By Air:
The nearest airport is Lilabari in Tezpur.

By Rail:
The nearest railhead is in Murkongselek.

By Water:
There are also ferry services from Dibrugarh.

Though there is no accommodation facility available at D’Ering, there are accommodation facilities like lodges and hotels in Pasighat.

Hotels in Pasighat

With the boost in the tourism sector, the need for more hotels has also increased. Arunachal Pradesh is turning into a hotspot for tourists and hence the requirements for the best hotels and lodges have also increased incredibly. Some of the hotels in Pasighat are as follows:

Siang Hotel
Pasighat, East Siang
Arunachal Pradesh

Oman Hotel
Pasighat Bazar
Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh - 791102

Arun Hotel
Pasighat, East Siang
Arunachal Pradesh, India

Hotel Aane


Siang Guest House
Phone No.: 0360-2222340

Hotel Dony Polo
Phone No.: 0360-2222421

Hotel Siang
Phone No.: 0360-2222209

Hotel East
Phone No.: 0360-2222416

Hotel Oman
Phone No.: 0360-2224264

Hotel Sangpho
Phone No.: 0360-2222446

Hotel Arun
Phone No.: 0360-2222421

Park Hotel
Phone No.: 0360-2224056

Hotel Anne
Phone No.: 0360-2223333

Park Hotel

Sanggo Hotel

Transport Services in Pasighat

By Road:
One can reach Pasighat by buses and private vehicles.

By Rail:
The nearest railway station is located in Murkong Selek at a distance of 35 kms.

By Air:
The nearest airport is in Lilabari and another one in Mohanbari in Dibrugarh.

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